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Every day, ordinary people choose to actively, purposefully and extraordinarily serve this country, and the people in it. When these people choose to serve this country they know that such service may, and may already have, cost most or all of what they have to give. They even know that not everyone who benefits from their service will support their service—and yet they do it anyway. Thank you for your service. Thank you for your sacrifice. And thank you to the families of those have sacrificed as well.

We recognize and value you and the sacrifices you and your loved ones have paid to keep this country safe from harm and to pursue our lives as we choose. It is because of you and people like you that we can even pursue the freedoms and opportunity this country offers.

We are a veteran-friendly company. We have veterans in our families and have veterans in our teams, past and present.

If you served, we want to talk with you. When we have opportunities for which you are a match, we want to work with you. When we don’t have any opportunities at the moment or that match your skills, we’ll tell you. In either case, we still want to talk with you.

We are a technology company. Qualifications we’re always looking for in great people who have served our country include:

  • Honorable Discharge
  • Current/Past Security Clearance
  • Leads by example
  • Goal-driven
  • Belief in Teams
  • Discipline
  • Pursuit of high-performance and clean execution
  • Planning for Murphy’s Law makes you smile
  • Experience collecting data and making data-driven decisions
  • Experience making decisions when nothing but experience and intuition exists
  • Experience in communication infrastructure, protocols and encryption
  • Experience in information security and regulatory/compliance
  • Experience in technology infrastructure
  • Experience in software programming

To those who gave, to those who gave all and to those on the line giving right now – thank you!

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